7 Ways To Build Deeper Relationships With Your Customers

1.Connect In Person – lunch, coffee, dinners, events, conversations – you’re able to connect on a deeper level. Don’t do it with any expectations – if you’re a good person and do a good job, then good things will start happening for you.

2.Ask For Honest Feedback – have a heart-to-heart with your customers to see how you can self-improve + ways that you can help make their lives easier. They appreciate it and it shows that you actually care.

3.Giving Quality Gifts - based on the interest of your customer. Truly understand what drives them and what they’re interested in - thoughtful gifts that are personal to that individual.

4.Starting Off On The Right Foot/Onboarding - if you start off on the wrong foot it’s hard to recover, change your value and perceptions. If you can onboard new customers in a really amazing way, you can win them over for life. Think about how you can knock your customer’s socks off on Day 1.

5.Checking In With People – something as simple as just seeing how they’re doing + seeing opportunities to make introductions to other people in your network who can help them. Put in work during the “off-season”.

6.Going Above & Beyond – give them unsolicited help, tips, advice, etc that may not have any immediate monetary benefit to you, but benefits your customer and shows them that you really care about them and their best interests. “Good People Do What’s Expected. Awesome People Do The Unexpected”

7.Maintaining An Attitude Of Generosity – don’t just offer special incentives at sign-up, extend your generosity deep into the relationships by providing perks, free trials or services that helps increase the lifetime value of your relationship. Actions speak louder than words – if you truly care about your clients and appreciate their business, then be sure to show them.

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