in #CASE you missed it… Men who are psychos more desirable to women

in #CASE you missed it… Men with psychopathic traits more desirable to women

Ladies, do you like a man who is confident and absolutely charming? Well, according to new research out of Canada, instead of finding Mr. Right, you may have found a psychopath.

Women were asked about a group of men's attractiveness by watching a brief video of each guy.Women consistently thought men who ranked higher on a psychopathy test were sexier, had more confidence and were just more attractive overall.

...and get this: psychopathic traits could have developed to give evolution a chance.The theory is that psychopaths may have it easier when finding sexual partners.For the psychos in jail, they actually have a better chance of seducing their guards and escaping.

What warning signs did you see that Prince or Princess Charming may have had a darker side?

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