BBQ Joint Offers “BBQ For Life” For Whomever Catches Robbers

There are few things in this world that are sacred…or at least, should be. One of those things is a healthy respect for good barbecue. Some jackasses decided to break that culinary commandment by breaking into the award-winning Rusted Silo Southern BBQrestaurant in Lizton, Indiana over the weekend.

First, the thieves pounded the crap out of the back door – and when that failed, they used a power saw...and cut through the front door. Once in, they busted up the joint’s antique cash register and made off with an “undisclosed” amount of cash.Rob Ecker runs the place and was beside himself as to what to do about it. Then, it hit him like rub on a ham shank…use his food as a weapon.

That’s when he put up “Wanted” posters by the hundreds offering up a “barbecue bounty.” Someone knows who the thieves are, and who wouldn’t turn on their friends for “free barbecue for life.” That’s what up for grabs in the form of $25 each week for whoever can ID and get the crooks arrested. Given Rusted Silo’s current prices, you’re looking at a pound of brisket or a full rack of ribs every week…all for doing the right thing.


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