Dad Suggests Daughter Should Lose Weight To Find A Man

No girl wants to hear that they need to lose weight, especially from their father, and one dad has learned that lesson the hard way.

A man recently shared on Reddit that his 24-year-old daughter, who he says is overweight, has been having a tough time finding a boyfriend, and is constantly complaining about it. But during a recent rant he decided to give her some advice, and it didn’t go over well at all.

"I told her delicately that it could be helpful to try losing some weight," he shared. "That unfortunately, people are often shallow and that could be something that would help her get male attention, feel more confident, and also generally be healthier."

  • As you can imagine his daughter did not take the comment well, with the dad noting, “She yelled at me about how ‘all guys are the same, even my [expletive] dad’ and stormed off.” He insists he “just trying to be helpful,” but folks on the Internet didn’t see it that way and sided with the daughter.
  • “Maybe bringing this up at another time would be appropriate, but the poor girl is clearly hurt and insecure and lashing out in anger,” one person wrote, noting that the idea that she needs to lose weight to find a man is “a pretty unhealthy mindset for a FATHER to impose on his Daughter.”
  • But others didn’t think the father was wrong, with one person sharing, “He is being genuine and kind especially with a topic such as this. He’s her father and it’s a suggestion towards her that is coming from his heart.”

Source:Fox News

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