in #CASE you were curious about: Cocktails

in #CASE you were currious about: Cocktails

·The word “cocktail” comes from a practice of horse dealers in the 1700s. To cock a horse’s tail and make it look more spirited for the show, the dealer would give it a ginger suppository. Adding spices like ginger or pepper to gin or beer became known as adding “cock-tail.”

·There was a real, radium-based, alcoholic drink known as the “Atomic Cocktail.” At least there was…it was served in missile shaped bottles. They had adverse effects after prolonged exposure, but reportedly could cure minor fevers, headaches, and depression.

·Cocktail umbrellas contained hidden scrolls of Chinese newspaper, which can be read like fortune cookies.

·An attempt to set the “Guinness World Record” for the world’s most expensive cocktail was thwarted when a customer dropped and broke the bottle of Cognac that was worth $77-thousand.

·There’s an International Bartenders Association, which sanctions an official cocktail list for use in the World Cocktail Competition.

·There is a bar in Yukon, Canada where you can drink a Sourtoe Cocktail. It has a real severed human toe in it.

·In Utah, bartenders in restaurants have to mix cocktails behind a curtain.

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