Restaurant Adds Gender-Neutral Cocktails To “Remove Stereotypes”

Are you ever afraid to order a drink because you think it’s too “masculine?” Well, a survey of British drinkers finds that some folks are wary of asking for cocktails associated with the opposite gender and one restaurant chain in the U.K. has come up with a fix: gender-neutral drinks.

At U.K. eatery Burger and Lobster they’re mixing up colorless boozy beverages they’re calling the “Mixed-ology cocktail range” to “remove modern-day drinks menu stereotypes.” The gender-neutral drinks are a response to the survey that found 31% of men were put off by ordering “feminine cocktails” like cosmopolitans or piña coladas, and 11% of women polled admitted they were embarrassed by ordering drinks they feel are “too masculine” like negronis.

So what are they actually serving? The stigma-free selections are colorless and nameless, and instead use numbers one through five to represent the libations formerly known as the “mojito twist,” the “white cosmopolitan,” the “margarita twist,” the “white negroni,” and the “piña colada twist.” The idea is to put the focus on taste, but some critics say it’s just political correctness gone too far.

Source:New York Post

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