These Foods We'll Break Our Diets for During the Holiday Season

This is a ROUGH time of year to try to watch what you eat. If you're going to watch anything, it's 20,000 calories worth of desserts and booze going into your mouth.According to a new survey, we basically "write off" the end of the year when it comes to our health and our diets.

41% of people use the holidays as a reason to punt on healthy habits . . . and one in three have already started postponing those habits until January.

The survey also found 47% of people say they already know they'll give in and break their diet during the holiday season. The top foods that we break our diet for are cookies . . . pies and cakes . . . and home-cooked holiday meals.

30% of people say they've had a moment during the holidays where they've unbuttoned their pants because they ate too much.

And overall, the average American will gain SIX pounds over the next month-and-a-half. That's the same amount of weight we packed on last year. 

(Yahoo News)

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