Study: Moving In Before Marriage May Be Bad For Sex Life

These days, more couples are testing the waters by moving in together before they say “I do,” but their sex lives may be taking a hit. Some see shacking up before getting married as a healthy step, but a studywarns it may not be great for your sex life.

The study looked at 113 couples and all the factors that could impact their sex life, like moving in together and having kids before marriage. Surprisingly, having kids first didn’t have a “significant negative impact” on a couple’s sex life in their first year of marriage, but living together first or even dating for a year or more was linked to less – and worse – sex during the first year as husband and wife.

The research finds that straight couples who lived together before tying the knot reported having less sex in the first year of marriage and lower rates of sexual satisfaction overall than those who didn’t. Researchers followed them for four years and found that fortunately, for the couples who stayed together that long, the issues typically went away.