Woman Struggling To Conceive Gets Baby Gifts From Mother-in-law

Getting pregnant can be challenging for some women and unsolicited pressure from loved ones makes the struggle even more painful. A recent Reddit post from one woman explains how much it hurt when her mother-in-law either doesn’t get that – or doesn’t care. How do we know? Apparently, the MILgave our redditor a stocking full of baby supplies for Christmas. Even though she knows the couple has been struggling with getting preggo.

Even worse? The woman had recently thought she was finally expecting,but she had just taken a pregnancy test that was negative. With her cousin newly pregnant, she was feeling especially down about it. And then when she got the baby gifts from her mother-in-law, it pushed her over the edge. “My MIL has baby rabies,” the post explains. “I had to hide in the bathroom and cry because I was so heartbroken.”

Adding insult to injury, the MIL even called her son a few days later, asking if she was pregnant! The writer wanted to know if she was overreacting to the gift and most Redditors agree she didn’t – calling the MIL was “terribly rude” and “highly insensitive.” But there is good news, of sorts. The woman updated her post to say that her hubs shut down his mom when she overstepped by asking about his wife’s cycle and shared that they have a plan to keep future news on the down low after the “Stocking Incident of 2019.”

Source:The Stir