Woman Wants Certain Hairstyles Banned From Movies

There are plenty of reasons it sucks to be short, and having your view blocked at a concert or movie is certainly one of them. It’s bad enough that tall people get unobstructed views, but now some of them are making things worse, thanks to their hairdo, and one mom has had enough. 

Ellis Hensby, from England, took to Facebook to complain about her recent experience taking her kids to see “Frozen II.” It seems she wound up sitting behind a woman whose hair bun was so high it blocked her view of the film, and now she thinks such ‘dos shouldn’t be allowed in theaters.

“Had the pleasure of viewing this lady’s head and hair yesterday whilst my kids watched 'Frozen 2!,’” she shared, along with a picture of the offending hair. “Surely there’s got to be a policy on how people should wear their hair when they come to the pictures?”

She later told “The Sun,” “I had to sit extremely uncomfortably just so I could see some of the film so I was really annoyed that someone would wear their hair like that and not consider how it would affect the person sat behind them.”

  • Some commenters accused the woman of taking the picture at an angle to make it look worse than it was but she insisted the woman’s hair was at eye level.
  • Not many of the comments were sympathetic to Ellen, with many suggesting she should have just moved. One woman noted that the high-haired woman paid for her ticket just like Ellen did, adding “this is nitpicking at it’s finest.” Another said Ellen should have spoken up, sharing, “How's that woman supposed to know that her hair was annoying you if you don't use your vocal cords to tell her?” 

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