in #CASE you missed it… Most US Voters Can’t Find Iran On A Map

in #CASE you missed it… Most US Voters Can’t Find Iran On A Map

Fewer Than a Third of American Voters Can Point to Iran on a Map, Survey Shows

This is not a survey that is going to make you feel better if you are hoping registered voters will show up at the polls this November.

Seems that less than a third of registered American voters can correctly point to Iran on an unlabeled world map.

A new survey shows that just 28 percent of registered voters were able to accurately label Iran on a zoomed-in map of the Middle East and Europe, but that figure dropped to 23 percent when voters were asked to identify the country on a larger, also unlabeled, global map.

A graphic showing respondents’ guesses showed that some believed Iran to be in Africa, others said it’s in France, and some thought it was in the Irish Sea.

The global map even showed that some respondents think Iran is in the United States. The survey showed men were almost twice as likely as women to be able to identify Iran on both maps, and wealthier, more educated voters were also more likely to get it right. Political parties and age were not decisive factors.