Backseat sign prompts major police response, child says it's a joke

A California girl thought it would be funny to hold a sign up saying the woman driving the car she was in wasn’t her mom.

Girl was in the back of a car and held up a sign saying “HELP ME SHE’S NOT MY MOM!! Help!!” Naturally, the California Highway patrol got 911 calls and six units pulled the mother’s car over. It turns out, the misguided kid "had made it all up and thought it was a fun thing to do." The lucky girl get off with a lecture and she apologized.

In the CHP’s post on social media, they said “This is a reminder that parents need to be aware of what their children are doing in the back seat at all times.” That comment was met with some backlash from parents who reminded the CHP you can’t drive responsibly and look back at your child every minute.

Yet others thought the girl should’ve been “sentenced” to community service. We’re guessing the punishment her mom doles out will be harsh enough to satisfy everyone.

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