in #CASE you missed it… Work Shouldn’t Hurt

in #CASE you missed it… Work Shouldn’t Hurt

Easy ways to make your desk safer and more comfortable

If your body hurts after a long day at work, you may be ignoring it which could lead to a work-related injury. Desk jobs rather than more physical jobs often give people more problems.

Ways you can avoid injury, use the 90-90-90 rule, make sure you sit with your hips, elbows, and ankles all at 90 degrees. This keeps your neck and back from hurting.

Also, the 20-20-20 rule should be implemented every 20 minutes. Walk 20 feet in 20 seconds to keep yourself moving.

Finally, look away from your computer often and make sure your computer isn’t in front of a window causing your eyes to become tired. Positioning your desk directly under light also causes eye strain.

What tips do you have that helps you avoid pain while working?


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