REALLY? Taco Bell Apologizes For Calling Out Tardy Employees

The manager of a Taco Bell in Ohio seems to have an issue with his workers showing up late to work. So he posted a sign explaining to the public that the dining room would remain closed because nobody could show up to work on time. Some thought the letter was funny while some thought it was rude of the manager to air out the worker's issues. 

The sign read, “Dining room is closed until this store’s workers can show up to work on time! We will happily serve you through the drive-thru as quickly as possible. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.” It also added, “Please bare [sic] with us until we find the right team to best serve our community.”

Corporate got wind of it and apologized for the behavior of the manager and said the letter should not have been posted and that the dining room was open an hour later.  The added that, "the management team was immediately re-trained on proper protocol."