in CASE you missed it… Mom Teachs Kids About Value

in #CASE you missed it… Mom Teachs Kids About Value

A mom in England has revealed she’s charging her kids for snacks now that they are home due to the coronavirus

Parents have a lot to deal with now that they are stuck at home with their kids due to the coronavirus, and it seems constant snacking is a big issue. Well, one mom found away to limit her kids snacking, while teaching them a lesson about finances, and folks on the Internet have mixed opinions about it.

A mother in England shared on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group that she is charging her kids for snacks. She explains that each day they can spend one pound (the equivalent of about $1.15) on snacks, and when they run out of money they can’t have anymore.

She shared an image of her “Mummy’s Shop” price list, with cookies costing five pence, a cheese string 20 and chips costing 30. The kids can also buy drinks like juice, but if they drink water it’s free.

“My youngest is struggling with the fact that all her activities have been cancelled,” she writes, “so I’m trying to find ways to make her time at home fun as well as educational.” She adds that she’s worried her kids will just be eating for the sake of eating since they are home all day, and wants to limit their snacking because “food is so hard to come by in some shops.”

It seems the Internet is torn about whether this is a good idea or not.

“Fantastic idea,” one person commented. “Education at home and learning the value of money is so important.”

Others aren’t so sure about it, with another explaining, “As much as I think it’s a fabulous way of teaching little people about the value of money, I also think as Mummies and Daddies we should be able to provide for our children without them thinking they’ve got to pay for it.”

What fun things have you started doing with your kids that are also educational?

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