Cool! Teen Boys Deliver Flowers To Every Girl In Senior Class

The prom has been postponed because of coronavirus, but that didn’t stop the boys in the senior class at Bishop Chatard High School from making the night special for the graduating girls. They didn’t have a dance to go to, but the guys in the class of 2020 delivered flowers to every girl in the senior class on their would-be prom night, whether she was planning to go to prom or not. The idea was to lift their spirits and make the best of an unfortunate situation.

The flowers came with a handwritten card, with sweet messages like, “Every girl deserves flowers on prom night.” The bouquets were put together byAmy Beausir, a parent at the Indianapolis school, who runs a flower arrangement business. Other parents helped organize the deliveries so they could be personal and they were all done with safe social distancing.

“We never thought it would get this much attention because it feels like a small gesture, just to appreciate all of the girls,” explainsSam Richey,one of the senior guys involved. “It makes us really happy that we can still spread joy.”

Source:Good Morning America

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