Couple Says “I Do” At Drive-In Theater After Coronavirus Cancels Plans

Couple Says “I Do” At Drive-In Theater After Coronavirus Cancels Wedding Plans

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April 10th was supposed to be Bri and Lindsey Leaverton’s wedding day. They had every detail planned to a T, every second and experience “had a purpose and profound meaning,” Lindsey says. But all their planning went out the window thanks to the coronavirus and the Texas couple tried to come up with a plan B. They weren’t having any luck until a drive-in movie theater near their home was suggested and the unconventional location “felt right” to them.

Suddenly, things fell into place. The drive-in allowed for 90 cars, so they could invite everyone they wanted, even more guests than at their plan A wedding. People were able to stay in their cars, allowing for safe social distancing, and they could see the brides say “I do” up on the big screen and listen to it on their radios. It wasn’t the wedding they dreamed of, but Bri says it was “immeasurably better” than the one they originally planned.

“We never thought we’d be getting married on a Tuesday during a global pandemic at a drive-in movie theater in Buda, Texas,” Lindsey explains. “But everything about it fit us.”

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