in #CASE you missed it… Fan Drops $1MIL Creating Neverland in Parents Yard

in #CASE you missed it… Fan Spends $1MIL Creating Neverland Ranch in Parents Backyard

Jason Jackson, 46, was seven years old when he discovered Michael Jackson on the way to receive treatment for bone cancer, “when Jackson did the first moonwalk, I fell in love and wanted to be just like him.”

Jackson, who is now a Michael Jackson impersonator, transformed his parents' backyard with a large security gate bearing the “Neverland” name. His father helped build animals throughout the yard and his mother sewed his bedazzled jackets. Jackson’s bedroom is adorned with Jackson memorabilia including a bedspread with Dangerous album artwork.

Jackson’s parents say the yard transformation is, “relaxing and very beautiful to look at.” There are various statues of Michael Jackson throughout the yard and a Jackson-inspired gazebo.

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