Family Claims Mom’s Baby Name Choice Is “Child Abuse”

A pregnant woman has decided what she wants to name her child, but her husband’s family is definitely not on board. Well, he was...but not after his fam found out. In a Reddit post, the mom-to-be shares that her in-laws are so against the name she chose, they claim it would be “child abuse” to call the baby boy this. So what is this offensive name? Gaylord...Gail, for short.

We all remember Ben Stiller’s name in the movie “Meet the Parents” was Gaylord Focker and that was quite a name...but for this woman? It’s a serious family tradition – as in, all the firstborn boys in the fam are always anointed with it...since the 1800s. In this case, it’s their first childand the first grandchild on her sideof the fam. She understands the stigma, and is fine with calling him Gail or Gale for short, but wants Gaylord on the birth certificate to keep the tradition.

While hubs was fine initially, now he hates the idea...and won’t even discuss it. His family says the name is “unacceptable”and have given her a list of approved names they want her to use. She asks Reddit if she’s wrong for wanting this unpopular, but traditional name.

  • Some commented that her husband’s parents are “sticking their noses in where they don’t belong” and lots of people agree that “sometimes traditions need to be let go of.” Others are surprised she would actually want to give her son such a name....what say you?


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