Americans Get Confused About Day Five Times Each Week

in #CASE you missed it… Americans Get Confused About Day Five Times Each Week

Most Americans have been stuck in the house for weeks due to the lockdown. And if you're having trouble figuring out what day it is, you are NOT alone. A new survey finds:

The average American gets the days confused about five times each week.

80% say all the time spent indoors is causing the days to blur together.

59% of those polled didn’t even know what day it was when they took the survey.

All this time at home is definitely having an effect on folks.

65% of Americans say they are struggling to stay motivated during lockdown.

Three-quarters have given up on “real clothes,” only wearing loungewear and sweats.

69% are having a hard time staying focused working from home.

So, what are folks doing to try and keep themselves motivated while stuck at home?

Well, 50% say they try to exercise when they can.

Other ways to stay motivated include:

Maintaining a semblance of your routine (39%)

Using snacks as a motivator (36%)

Maintaining a to-do list (34%)

Having a friend, partner or friend to hold you accountable (32%)

Giving yourself small rewards for your accomplishments (31%)

Getting dress for work like you usually dress for the office (22%)

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