Would You Send Your Kids To A Virtual Summer Camp?

Summer is only a few weeks away, and unfortunately for most kids (and parents), the coronavirus is likely putting an end to summer camp, which means moms and dads are going to have to find a way to keep their kids entertained this summer.

Well, like we’ve been doing for months with virtual meetings, school and happy hour, some parents are relying on the computer for that. Several startups are now offering virtual programs that are a sort of cyber summer camp, which will attempt to replicate traditional sleep-away camps for youngsters stuck at home.

For example,Happy Camper Liveoffers all the summer camp staples, like a canteen, a camp store with clothing and gear, along with free activities and content, daily broadcasts, including a 41-episode webseries with a recorded camp experience, as well as “the world’s biggest campfire where campers can upload their own videos.”

  • There’s also Camp Supernow, which offers kids “cabins” in groups of six to ten for ages five to 11, that gives kids the experience of having bunkmates. There will also be counselors, virtual field trips, nature walks, crafts, camp songs, dances, cheers and more.
  • While these camps may not be as great as the real thing, for parents the will be a heck of a lot cheaper. For Supernow, parents pay $100 a week for an hour of activities each day (although the first week is only $85). Plus, children of healthcare workers can attend for free.

Source:New York Post

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