in #CASE you missed it... Ways To Feel Like You’re On Vacation

in #CASE you missed it... Ways To Feel Like You’re On Vacation Without Leaving Home

Feeling the itch to travel? Even if you didn’t have a vacation planned in the near future, knowing you can’t get away right now may have you pining for a trip. Since you can’t escape to a resort or sandy beach, these activities may help you feel like you’re on a vacay, all from the comfort of home.

Take a virtual tour of the national parks - Make it more realistic by heading to your backyard or porch so you can breathe in fresh air while you check out the trails on a virtual tour of the national parks.

Have a rooftop picnic at sunset - Seeing the sky turn vivid shades of orange, pink and purple while snacking on an artsy cheese board may make you forget you can’t leave home.

Turn your bathroom into a spa - A DIY mani/pedi and a facial can make you feel like you’re at the spa and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, just like a vacay.

Create a nightclub in your living room - If you’re missing a night out of dancing, time to move your furniture out of the way and make it happen in your living room. You’ll need music, some mood lighting, and your BFF on FaceTime to make it feel right.

Paint your travel pictures onto canvases - Relive your favorite trips by painting photos of them on paper or canvas. Don’t feel like you have the skills? Who cares! This is about taking a walk down memory lane, not talent.

Go on an ice cream tasting in your kitchen - Food can be a big part of a vacation, so recreate some of that magic by having an ice cream party in your kitchen with your people. Load up on pints and toppings, make sundaes, and rate each flavor.

Plant a garden in your yard - Since you can’t visit the botanical garden, make one at home. Plant fruits, vegetables, and flowers and you’ll be able to enjoy those much longer than any trip you take.

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