MIL Is Busted Trying To Sneak Into Delivery Room Dressed As Nurse

Lots of hospitals have changed their delivery room policies over coronavirus concerns and now only allow one support person to be there for the mom in labor. And that was just fine with one woman, who didn’t want her mother-in-law in the room when she gave birth to her first child. But the MIL was determined to see the baby born and went to extremes to be there.

In a post on Reddit’s JUSTNOMILsection, the new mom explains that her husband’s mother “tried to crash the delivery room by wearing a mask and scrubs and pretending to be another nurse.” But hospital employees were paying attention and the MIL was caught before she got into the room. Security stopped her, cops were called, and she was actually arrested. The parents in the delivery room had no idea this had even happened until a hospital administrator called later to “discuss the breach of security.”

The new mom points out that her mother-in-law was “trying to impersonate a medical professional” to see the birth and asks Redditors if they understand why she thinks her MIL is out of line. Most people are sympathetic and agree the grandma’s actions are over the top. Some suggest an automatic 14-day quarantine for the granny before she can see the baby since she was in a hospital and maybe jail, too. And one commenter added, “Your MIL makes mine look normal, stay safe from that crazy!”

Source:The Stir

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