Mom Calls Daughter “Selfish” For Wanting To Adopt And Not Have Her Own Kids

While some women grow up dreaming about the day they become a mom, some women feel the exact opposite about it. Like one Redditor, who thinks “people who choose to be mothers are beautiful and strong,” but it’s just not for her. In her post, she explains that her husband feels the same way and they’ve talked about adopting a child if they do want kids, when they’re both “emotionally/mentally mature enough.” The only problem?Her mother’s opinion.

The woman writes that the idea of getting pregnant “absolutely haunts” her and she doesn’t want to put her body through it. She’s even considering removing her fallopian tubes and her husband is on board. They’ve been honest with their family about wanting to adopt one day if they decide they’re ready to be parents,but her mother is not on board.

Her mom always asks when our writer is “giving her a grandchild.” And when she reminds mom that she’s not having kids, mom flips out, calls her “selfish” and says she’ll “be wasting her life.” The guilt trip is working enough – as the woman is starting to feel guilty and wonders if she’s wrong for her decision.

  • Lucky for our OP, Redditors have her back and were quick to point outit’s her momwho’s being selfish here. Many reminded her that nobody controls her body but her and one advises her to repeatedly tell her mom that it’s her life and her choice. And pretty much everyone agrees it’s her body, her rules.

Source:The Stir

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