“Concerned” Husband Calls Wife’s Boss & Gets Her Demoted

We get that most husbands just want what’s best for their wives, but this hubby took things a bit too far and if she ever finds out we think he’s gonna be in some major trouble. A man shares on the Reddit’s “Am I The A-hole” forum that he was basically responsible for getting his wife demoted at work.

In the post, which has since been deleted, he explains that his wife has a high-level, demanding corporate job, which is “extremely stressful,” and it has been “taking a toll” on her. He noticed that she’s clearly stressed about it, and never wants to talk about it, adding, “she’s even become forgetful and somewhat unuseful around the house recently — she seems to always be thinking about work.”

So, what does he do?Instead of supporting her and encouraging her to talk about it, he goes behind her back, finds out her boss’ number,and calls him. The OP tells the boss his wife has been “listless and despondent” and he’s “worried about her performance at work as well as what it’s done to our home life.” They then came to the conclusion that the wife needed to reassigned.

  • Basically, the boss and the hubby decided she should get a demotion, and when she found out about her job change she was less than happy to say the least. While the husband doesn’t see it as a demotion, calling it an “executive decision that was made for her own benefit.”
  • He still doesn’t have the guts to tell her what he did or that he was responsible for it, noting “I suspect she’ll freak out at me.”Ya think?

As you can imagine, pretty much everyone agrees this guy is the A-hole.

  • "Wife should divorce the husband and bring a complaint to HR related to the reassignment," one person shared. 
  • Another added, “So you're not a concerned husband, worried about your wife's mental health & difficulties she might be having, it's more about her not fulfilling her useful duties? YTA!”
  • “I AM LIVID,” another commented. “Two men just decided what she could and could not handle and conspired against her. I WONDER WHY WOMEN FEEL LIKE THEY AREN'T TREATED FAIRLY AT WORK.”

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