Mom Says Day Care Worker Breastfed Her Son Without Permission

A mom was shocked when she picked her toddler up from day care and found out that one of his teachers crossed a boundary and then laughed it off.Stephanie Hanna was getting 15-month-old son Westley from his preschool in Shingle Springs, California. Okaaaaay. Then she heard two of his teachers talking and one of them said, “He’s obsessed with boobs!”Okaaaaay. But THEN she explained to the mom that she was breastfeeding her own baby as Wesley she said she decided to “stick it in there and see what he does.”And yes, it gets worse.

Stephanie says was already at a loss for words, but then the other teacher cracked, “He’s gonna grow up liking brown women and not know why.” Understandably stunned, Stephanie says she felt “violated and disturbed by the sexual comments” as well as the fact that this teacher would put her breast in her son’s mouth and act “like it was totally fine.” If you can believe it, it STILL gets worse. When Stephanie reported the incident to the school’s director, she was greeted with “It accidentally squirted into his mouth!”

So yeah, after that, mom took Westley out of the school, filed a report with the state licensing board, and called the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office. And officers forwarded her to sex crimes detectives, who were also shocked. Thing is? They determined there’s no law against breastfeeding someone else’s child without consent. They suggested Stephanie file a civil suit against the daycare center and that’s what she did.

  • The lawsuit is still going on, nearly two years after the incident happened, and now the teacher is sticking to the story about the breast milk “accidentally squirting” into Westley’s mouth. The whole thing has been emotionally and financially draining for their family and what this mom really wants is to see a law passed that would make it illegal to breastfeed someone else’s child without their consent. Want to help? Stephanie recently started a petitionto try to help make that happen.

Source:The Stir

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