Husband : Wife Is “Selfish” For Not Wanting Mother-In-Law In Delivery Room

Giving birth is supposed to be a wonderful experience for a new mother, and who she chooses to have by her side in the delivery room is really her choice. But apparently one woman’s husband and mother-in-law don't agree and it’s causing some major family drama.

A woman shares on Reddit that she is 33 weeks pregnant with her first child, and she is not at all happy that her hubby wants his mom to be in the delivery room when she gives birth. The OP shares that her MIL is “the most overbearing woman I have ever met,” and sometimes treats her like she is just “the incubator for her son’s child.”

The OP says her husband is now “adamant” that his mom be in the delivery room, but she doesn’t want her there. She notes, “I feel so selfish but I want my husbands support and I don’t feel as though I’ll have it with him constantly tending to her." When she told her husband this he called her “ridiculous” and “selfish,” adding that she needed to “get used” to his mom “being around a lot.” The OP is now concerned that her labor is going to be “stressful” thanks to her MIL but her husband is “refusing” to let her ban his mom.

  • Well, folks on Reddit are firmly behind the mother, and some have even given some advice on how to keep her MIL out.
  • “Your husband has NO SAY in how you give birth," one person commented. "When he pushes a football out of his junk, he can have his mommy there,” adding, “Hell, have hospital security outside your room, if that's what it takes."
  • “Giving birth is a MEDICAL PROCEDURE, not a spectator sport,” another added, “No one should be there that stresses you out or makes you uncomfortable. They should be there for you, not the baby."
  • Finally another shared, “"Tell the nurses that under no circumstances is she to be allowed in. They will listen to your wishes. He cannot overrule them.”

Source:Café Mom

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