103-year-old woman beats coronavirus, celebrates with Bud Light

103-year-old Massachusetts woman beats coronavirus, celebrates with Bud Light

Earlier this month, Stejna was the first resident of her nursing home to contract COVID-19 and was moved to a separate ward, reported USA Today.

After initially suffering a low-grade fever, the centenarian’s condition worsened to the point that her family called to say their final goodbyes.

While Stejna wasn’t fully aware of her condition, she understood she was gravely ill.

But then she began to improve and on May 13th her family was told Stejna had recovered.

“This feisty old Polish grandmother of ours officially beat the coronavirus,” her grandson-in-law, Adam Gunn, told the outlet. “We’re truly very thankful.”

To celebrate her miraculous recovery, hospital staff gave Stejna a bottle of her favorite beer, Bud Light.

News of Stejna’s amazing recovery and beverage choice has since gotten the attention of the beer brand and they want to make sure her thirst is fully satiated.

Bud Light retweeted the “feisty” icon’s story with the caption: “The news we need right now. Your next beer is on us, Jennie.”

Besides Bud Light, Stejna also loves the Red Sox and is a “hardcore Boston sports fan,” Gunn added.

Stejna has two children, three grandchildren, four great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren.

Cheers all around to new legend, Jennie Stejna!

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