Woman Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant, And Gives Birth Alone In Bathtub

A couple in Texas just became parents for the first time on Mother’s Day weekend and they were totally shocked because the mom had no idea she was pregnant. The mother,Cindy, says she was having cramps that day and got in the bathtub and less than an hour later, she gave birth to a baby boy.

It’s hard to imagine going through a whole pregnancy and not knowing, but her boyfriend,Chris, says there was “no sign” and no kicking and that Cindy only gained 10-pounds. He also says she had her period every month, so they had no idea she was expecting. The delivery happened really fast, too. “I never felt like I had to push, but I did feel like my body was pushing and he came very quickly after that,” the new mom explains.

They never had an ultrasound or prenatal care, but baby Jaxson was born weighing five-pounds and is healthy. Cindy was home alone when he arrived, so she called 911 and Chris didn’t believe the news when she first told him. But after she FaceTimed him with the doctors at the hospital it started to sink in that he’s a dad. They’re all getting used to the idea and mom and baby are both doing well.


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