in #CASE you missed it… Woman Donates Wrong Bag To Charity

in #CASE you missed it… Woman Donates Wrong Bag To Charity

It’s always a nice gesture to donate your unwanted items to charity, but one woman learned the hard way that you really need to double check the bags you are giving away.

A woman says that she and her husband were doing some decluttering and bagging up a lot of their used items to give away to charity. At one point the woman went through her bedside drawer, which included sex toys and “some very sentimental jewelry” and put them in a bag with the intention of putting the stuff back when she was done.

Unfortunately, the woman wound up throwing some other clothes on top of the bag and forgot about it, only realzing that she had included the bag in her charity donation, which she gave to “two very nice old dears.” “I have never felt the sensation of physically cringing in shame like this before,” she shared, “I crawled up into a ball with my hands over my ears for about 40 minutes trying to process it."

The OP admits she would have just let it go and never gone back to the charity, but since the bag also contained a necklace from “a very dear and departed friend,” she returned to the shop to try and get the bag back.She said she had a very awkward conversation with the woman at the shop. “Does it have... batteries?'", the worker had asked. "'Um... yes ... ...' 'Is it ... a sex toy?' 'Yes,' I whispered, eyes down at the floor."

The woman was able to go and look for the bag but didn’t find it. As she left she told the woman at the shop to “have a nice weekend,” and she replied, “'I will if I find your sex toys'."