in #CASE you missed it…Teens Create Kits To Help Voters Feel Safe At Polls

COVID-19 concerns have some people considering avoiding the voting booth this year, but a group of teens in Tennessee are doing something to ease their fears.

Veronica Pierce and her sister Mary Alice came up with the idea to create kits filled with masks, hand sanitizers and gloves for voters to use to feel more at ease.

“People at the polls need to feel safe and they really don’t need to feel stressed or anything else while standing in line,” Veronica says.

The girls got a group of about a dozen students at their high school to work on the project and together they made about 1,000 kits for voters. They’re being delivered to organizations that get them to people who are most at risk of a serious infection if they catch COVID-19 and they’re constantly getting requests for more kits.

Woman in face mask voting