in #CASE you missed it… All Weed In Austin Was Smoked During Movie Filming

in #CASE you missed it… All The Weed In Austin Was Smoked During “Dazed & Confused” Shoot

Fans of the 1993 classic, “Dazed & Confused,” know there was no shortage of pot on the set.

Only now are we getting a full view of how true that really was. In a rundown of the making of the film from Vulture, “various people involved with the project” have confirmed that, at one point, the cast partied so hard they “basically smoked Austin, Texas out of all its weed.”

This reportedly hit Milla Jovovich particularly hard, as she was said to “have a hard time coming to grips” with the marijuana drought. Fortunately, more weed showed up and they were able to finish the flick in the right mindset.

DAZED AND CONFUSED, Rory Cochrane, Matthew McConaughey, 1993

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