Giant 'Monster' Alligator Filmed Devouring Hunter's Duck

It seems if you are in Florida and near any kind of water, there is bound to be an alligator nearby, and lately, they have been enormous. From golf courses to school playgrounds to wherever small dogs are, the reptiles have been upping their game. The latest sighting of one of the gigantic beasts happened in Leesburg, 45 miles north of Orlando. There, a pair of guys were hunting ducks at a swamp. They shot down one of the waterfowl but before they could retrieve it, a huge gator got to it and swallowed it whole.

The entire scene was caught on camera and posted to Facebook with the caption, "It's not just fishing, Florida duck hunting has a taxman too! Monster alligator eats duck while hunting using the PRO HUNT app."

In the footage, you can hear someone imply the animal actually had eaten two ducks. They say, "Here we go, number two of the day. Okay, you're fed, now get out of here." One of the guys who witnessed the feeding frenzy told FOX35 Orlando that the gator was probably 13 feet long.

Most of the comments were people expressing relief that they don't live in Florida, but one pointed out that, based on what the tail looks like, it might not be an alligator at all, but instead a crocodile, which apparently are now in the Orlando area. Whatever it is, because of it's size, the ducks were probably just an appetizer.

Photo: Getty Images