Texas Dr. Treats The Homeless For Free

A retired doctor in Texas is still seeing patients, but he doesn’t charge for his services. Instead, Dr.Wilbur Cleaves works to help homeless and low-income people in need get the care they wouldn’t be able to afford anywhere else.

He’s been volunteering once or twice a week at the Gabbard Clinic for about 20 years and he hasn’t let the pandemic stop him. Now he’s moved his free services outside to the clinic’s breezeway so he doesn’t compromise his health. “We’re a whole lot better than nothing and nothing is what most people get,” the doc explains. “So compared to nothing…we’re high tech.”

According to Cleaves, luck plays into life’s circumstances and that luck doesn’t give everyone the same opportunities. So he says he’s willing to risk his health to keep treating people in need, adding, “A doctor has it easy in this world, but we can’t all be doctors, so maybe it’s guilt.”

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