A Woman Reunites With Family 62 Years After Being Kidnapped

Woman Reunites With Family 62 Years After Being Kidnapped

A woman who has spent her life searching for answers about her family finally has them, thanks to a message on the genealogy site Ancestry.com.

Viva Hernandez knew her given name didn’t match the name on her birth certificate, but she had no luck finding her family until someone reached out to her son on the site.

From there, Hernandez found out she was born in Houston, Texas, and after thinking she was an only child, she learned she has 15 brothers and sisters. She recently flew from her Sacramento, California, home to reunite with her siblings in Houston after 62 years apart. They filled her in on her early years, explaining that she was kidnapped at eight-months-old by the woman who was her babysitter and then raised her as her own child.

Now Hernandez has loads of siblings, nieces and nephews in addition to her six kids, 27 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. “I’m very grateful that this did happen,” she says of the reunion.

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