Here's Where Washington Ranks Among The Most Sinful States In The U.S.

Everyone has their vices. According to one study, some states may have more harmful behavior than others, and that can add up financially. While some people want to quit these behaviors, it can be a difficult road, especially during a pandemic.

WalletHub conducted a study to see which states are more well-behaved than others. Researchers looked at metrics related to the deadly sins, such as gambling, violent crimes, obesity, and other factors to rank the states. Where does the Evergreen State rank?

According to the website, Washington came in the No. 26 spot, meaning it's middling when it comes to bad behavior. Researchers did give Washington a nod for having one of the lowest percentages of adults not exercising.

How did its neighbors do? Oregon ranked lower, being placed at the 32. This indicates that Oregonians are more well-behaved than Washingtonians. Meanwhile, Idaho was considered one of the least sinful in the nation.

Below were the Top 10 most sinful states:

  1. Nevada
  2. California
  3. Texas
  4. Georgia
  5. Florida
  6. Louisiana
  7. Tennessee
  8. South Carolina
  9. Illinois
  10. Mississippi

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Photo: Getty Images