5 Fashion Rules To Stop Following

You've probably heard about certain "do's & dont's" of fashion, but according to some of the most famous fashionista's, those are just myths and you should do whatever makes you happy.

Here are the top 5 rules of fashion that are considered outdated:

1.Sweatpants are only for loungewear - Lately, the comfy pants have been considered "athleisure" wear and certainly comes in handy if you work from home. You can even wear these pants out and about especially paired with the right kicks and/or accessories.

2.Leather is just for the cold months - Leather has always been known as a cold weather material due to the heaviness of it, but leather shorts, cropped jackets, and pants with a sleeveless top are all fine in the Spring/Summer especially where nights can be chilly.

3.Don't mix metals - Some people only like to either wear silver or gold, but not both together as it was seen as as fashion no-no. It really doesn't matter as long as you like the look.

4.Brown and black shouldn't mix - Black and brown are both neutral colors so mixing them together in an outfit is completely fine.

5.Don't wear white after Labor Day - This is probably the biggest fashion rule that many have heard, but it's totally fine to rock white during any season of the year.

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