This Was Washington's Favorite Comfort Food In 2020

We all need some comfort these days, and what better way to deliver but with good food.

What you're craving probably depends on where you live in the U.S. TimeOut looked at Google Trends to see what Americans were snacking on to help get them through the mess of 2020. One hundred recipes considered "comfort food" were on their list for consideration. So, what was Washington residents craving the most?

It looks like the people of the Evergreen State wanted some Swedish pancakes! These pancakes tend to be thinner than the fluffy, thick ones Americans are used to. The writer of the article even called it an "unconventional recipe."

Grilled cheese was the most common dish, being the top pick across six states, followed by fried chicken with four states. Overall, most states had their own specific dish they wanted. Rhode Island wanted pizza, Mississippians are feeling jambalaya, and so on.

If you want to get hungry and see the breakdown state-by-state, click here.

Photo: Getty Images