Nearly 100 People Infected With COVID After Superspreader In Washington

A three-day-long superspreader event was reported in Eastern Washington, leaving nearly 100 people infected, according to KING 5.

Health officials said the mass infection happened during an event in Republic, Washington. Reporters said it was a recruitment drive for Eagle's Club the weekend of April 9 to 11. The club president claims it was a dinner and poker night, as well.

Patient zero was traced back to the event and has triggered dozens of new infections in Ferry County, officials noted. Reporters said hospitalizations have also been spiking since the event.

“There's 95 people that have tested positive since that event,” Northeast Tri-County Health District Administrator Matt Schanz said. “And the vast majority have had some kind of exposure to that event, either by attendance, or by a secondary exposure. They're continuing to test… even today, they're continuing to be tested.”

Reporters also learned that "The bank in town had to shut down early and brought in temporary workers. One of the only grocery stores also had limited capacity and county services have taken a hit with court cases being delayed because so many workers are either home sick or in quarantine."

Officials also expect case numbers in the region to keep rising and showing up in outlying communities.

Photo: Getty Images