Gov. Inslee: New Incentives For Vaccinated People At Sports Events, More

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said fully vaccinated people will be getting some new incentives soon.

For those who got all the required doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, they will be able to enjoy some special treatment and access at sporting events, performing arts gatherings and cruises. He hasn't gone into specifics about what these perks will be.

“These new guidelines will allow cruises to take place where everybody is vaccinated on the ship except those who can’t get vaccinated for one reason or another," Inslee said. "This is going to go into effect in mid-May. Small example of the benefits of getting vaccinated.”

The governor cited growing concerns about demand for the vaccine dropping. This also stirs up worries that the coronavirus is going to outrun efforts to fight the pandemic.

“It’s well known that we’ve had a slowdown in the demand for the vaccine,” Inslee said. “Now this is very concerning because now it is a terrible thing to think that we have vaccines to save people’s lives and not see it in people’s arms.”

Gov. Inslee will also be announcing which counties will be progressing or falling back in terms of the state's reopening plan next week.

Photo: Getty Images