Lynwood Property Owners Kick Out Alleged Squatters Who Made Fake Lease

A Washington state property owner is accusing three people of moving into their house with their belongings, changing the locks, and even making a fraudulent lease, according to KOMO.

The wild situation came to a head on Monday (June 7) when reporters said Amir Rai brought his friends and some crowbars to get inside the property, which is located 6200 block of 208th Street SW in Lynnwood. The group reportedly managed to break the windows, get inside the house and evict the people inside. The owners also tossed and carried the alleged squatters' items to the curb.

Rai and his family also claim they have the documents to prove the property belongs to them. They noticed some cars in the driveway of the home while they were in the middle of closing on a sale. When Rai and his family found out about the trio and called the cops, Lynwood police claim the group produced their own documents that allegedly showed they were living there legally.

As a result, authorities couldn't do anything about the residents and told Rai they would have to take the matter to court. When legal proceedings took longer than they liked, Amir and his uncles took matters into their own hands.

"The three left without incident and never called police for help, and authorities said the case is now closed," reporters learned. Amir warned rental property owners to regularly check on their homes and to even to kill the water and electricity to discourage unauthorized people to move in.

Photo: Getty Images