Washington Girl To Compete For 'Fittest Teen On Earth' Title

Woman lifting weights

Photo: Getty Images

While some Americans head to Tokyo for the long-awaited Olympics, one Washington teenager will soon be competing for another worldwide title: 'Fittest Teen on Earth.'

Trista Smith is a 15-year-old sophomore at Richland High School -- and the third fittest teen in the world for her age group, KIRO 7 says.

"It's crazy but like I just feel like a normal person," Smith told reporters. Since she was four years old, the student has been training as a gymnast and participating in CrossFit, a high-intensity fitness regimen and a branded company. For Smith, CrossFit is a lifestyle.

"I've been in the gym a long time most of my life I really started getting into it like when I was around four years old that's when I started lifting," she said.

Now, the rising star will be showing her skills at the NOBULL CrossFit Games. KIRO 7 said Smith competed earlier this year in the CrossFit Open against thousands of teenagers online. She reportedly finished first in the world and third in the world for the 14 and 15 age divisions for the online qualifier.

"So I feel very confident like it wasn't a fluke like I can do this like very confident," Trista said.

The competition will take place in Madison, Wisconsin next week Tuesday (July 27) through Thursday (July 29).

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