This Restaurant Has The Best Hot Dogs In Seattle

Hotdog with mustard, tomato ketchup and onions, close-up

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Hot dogs have been a classic American dish for decades. Whether you're enjoying one at a ball game or snacking on a couple at a cookout, they can come with many delicious toppings. Besides toppings, depending on where you get your frank, the meat and even the bun can be different -- and tasty.

With that said, where can you find the best hot dogs in Seattle? Checking out the highest-rated restaurants on Yelp, that honor goes to...

Cycle Dogs!

This no-frills Ballard restaurant sports 4.5 out of 5 stars and features four different dogs on its menu.

You can try their Grilled Field Roast Frankfurter with cream cheese and grilled sweet onion, which can come with jalapenos and kraut upon request. Or, you can take a bite out of their Elote Dog, which is topped with Mexican-style buttery street corn, cayenne, green onion, lime, and mayo.

Oh yeah, and it's 100% vegan!

Want to experiment with other restaurants? Here were the Top 10 restaurants serving up dogs in the Emerald City:

  1. Cycle Dogs
  2. ChungChun Rice Hot Dog
  3. Sizzle Dogs
  4. Hot Dog Stand In Front of Neighbors
  5. West Seattle Swinery
  6. Rain City Hot Dogs
  7. Dog In The Park
  8. Monster Dogs
  9. Hot Dog Joes
  10. Comet Dogs

Click here for the full list on Yelp.

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