Where You Can Find The Best Ramen In Washington

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A hot bowl of ramen is perfect for any time of the year.

Whether it's that savory broth, the slurping of noodles, or the delicious ingredients that come with it, this Japanese dish has been charming people around the world for decades. Because of ramen's soaring popularity, it's no surprise that some restaurants dedicated to the dish have been popping up in the United States.

But where can you find the best bowl of ramen in Washington state? Eat This, Not That! has you covered. Writers found the best ramen in each state, and if you're in the Evergreen State, you can find the most delicious bowl at...

Ramen Danbo!

Here's what writers say about this ramen spot:

"Originating as a chain restaurant from its anchor spot in Japan, Ramen Danbo has a signature Tonkotsu broth, serving traditional Fukuoka-style ramen. The noodles are artisan-crafted and thin for a spin on more familiar ramen noodles. They also have a 'top-secret' spicy tare sauce that features Chinese spices and medicinal herbs."

You can find Ramen Danbo at 1222 E Pine St, Suite A in Seattle. They also have locations in New York and Vancouver, Canada!

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