You Can Find The Cheapest Eats In Washington At This Restaurant

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What's better than delicious food? Food you can get on the cheap!

There's a reason why coupons, happy hours, and lunch specials keep bringing people back to restaurants and bars. People love paying cheaper prices on yummy eats. Some dishes can taste better knowing you got them for a good price.

The writers at Eat This, Not That! kept that in mind, too. The website published a list of the best restaurants in each state offering cheap prices on their menu items.

If you're looking to get your money's worth in Washington, then you better head over to...

Spice Waala!

Here's what Eat This said about this acclaimed Seattle spot:

"Authentic Indian food is what Spice Waala specializes in. Here you can get everything from a variety of chaat for under $5, mango lassis for $3, and chicken tikka rolled in roti bread for $7."

They recently started serving seasonal soft-serve ice cream at both their locations! Flavors include rose cardamom, mango, and pistachio and cardamom.

You can find Spice Waala at 340 15th Ave E, Suite 202 in Capitol Hill, or 2008 Northwest 56th Street in Ballard.

Click here to see the full list of restaurants offering cheap eats across the U.S.

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