Where You Can Find The Most Delicious Chicken Sandwich In Washington

spicy nashville hot chicken sandwich with coleslaw and pickles

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The chicken sandwich war is raging on, but fast-food restaurants aren't the only contenders. Many restaurants across the United States have this delicious sandwich on their menus. Of course, they have their own takes on the almighty chicken sandwich, which usually comes with a fried chicken breast on a soft bun.

Most joints slap some pickles on it, but the possibilities are endless. Some restaurants load it up with all kinds of ingredients, while others keep it simple and tasty.

With that said, where can you find the best chicken sandwich in Washington state? According to Eat This, Not That!, you can find the most delicious one at...

Butcher and Baker Provisions!

Here's what the writers said about the spot and their chicken sandwich:

"Washington's own Butcher and Baker Provisions can't be stopped when you need to kick back, relax, and enjoy a meal in this casual restaurant offering up a mix of healthy cafe fare, eclectic salads, and the best fried chicken sandwich in all of Washington. Served with a side of bacon and lettuce, this meal on a bun will leave you full for the day and will help you keep this establishment on your radar for years to come."

You can find this restaurant at 4719 NE State Hwy 104 in Port Gamble. They're available for dine-in and curbside pickup.

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