You Can Find The Best Soup In Washington At Pike Place Market

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Nothing will have your back like a nice bowl of soup. Simple, light, and delicious, it's the perfect thing for any time of the day. You can also drink it from a cup, take it on the go, or sit down anywhere to enjoy it. It's just that versatile!

Americans love soup so much, they consume 10 billion bowls of it each year, according to the Associated Press in 2019. With so many restaurants and eateries serving this dish, where can you find the best bowl of soup in Washington state?

Eat This, Not That! has the answer for you. After finding the best soups in each state, the No. 1 spot in the Evergreen State is...

Pike Place Chowder!

Here's what writers had to say about the popular Seattle spot:

"With a 4.5 Yelp rating and close to 8,000 reviews (yes, you read that number right), it is no surprise that Pike Place Chowder is the home of Washington's most delectable soup. Not to mention they are also famously known as America's #1 destination for chowder. Whether you opt for their classic New England variation or prefer to try something a little bit more out of the box, such as their Lime and Coconut Chowder, Pike Place is sure to become a quick favorite. One Yelp reviewer emphatically stated, 'Pike Place Chowder is amazing. It turned my fiance, who previously hated clam chowder, into a huge fan.'"

You can find Pike Place Chowder at 1530 Post Alley in Seattle. They're available for dine-in and takeout.

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