Here's The Best 24-Hour Restaurant In Washington

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Do you ever stay up late at night get cravings, or get hungry during a long road trip? While some restaurants and bars don't close until the middle of the night, sometimes it's nice knowing you can grab something to eat at any hour of the day.

Thankfully, 24-hour restaurants are still a thing, and plenty of them serve up delicious food. Eat This, Not That! found the best restaurants that are always open in each state.

"Fortunately, when hunger strikes... there's likely a 24-hour restaurant nearby serving up breakfast favorites like pancakes and omelets, along with full plates of fried chicken and meatloaf for those craving something more savory," writers say.

According to the website, the go-to 24-hour restaurant in Washington is...

Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge!

Here's what they said about the establishment:

"People who live in Seattle head to Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge for the laid-back vibes and the consistent menu. Favorites include the salmon cake benedict and crispy cod sandwich served on a fresh ciabatta roll."

You can find this restaurant at 1505 10th Ave in Seattle. They're available for dine-in and takeout.

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