These Washington Zip Codes Have The Most Expensive Homes

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Affluent neighborhoods aren't hard to spot nowadays, especially when you drive through certain suburbs. Mansions, manicured lawns, vast property space, nice-looking cars -- these are usually the hallmarks of homeowners who got stacks of money. People are endlessly curious about the lives of the rich, and you might be living close to them.

Stacker scoured some data to find zip codes with the most expensive homes for every state. Researchers "compiled a list of zip codes with the most expensive homes in Washington using data from Zillow website. Zip codes are ranked by the Zillow Home Values Index for all homes as of February 2021," according to the website.

The most expensive zip code in Washington is 33109 in Medina. Located in King County, the average home value in this community is $3,264,830. Niche says 86% of people own their homes here. The city also got high marks for the nearby public schools and family-friendliness. Over 3,200 people live in Medina.

Here are the Top 10 most expensive zip codes in the Evergreen State:

  1. 98039 Medina
  2. 98004 Bellevue
  3. 98040 Mercer Island
  4. 98112 Seattle
  5. 98075 Sammamish
  6. 98005 Bellevue
  7. 98033 Kirkland
  8. 98006 Bellevue
  9. 98199 Seattle
  10. 98105 Seattle

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