This Is The Coolest Airbnb In Washington State

Beautiful House, Swimming Pool View from the Veranda, Summer Day

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Airbnb changed the game when it came to traveling. People can stay in nice, luxurious homes or budget-friendly accommodations instead of hotels and other short-term rentals. On top of that, some hosts love to go above and beyond with their rentals. From whimsically-designed spaces to extra amenities that spice up the experience, some Airbnbs are just as valuable as the trip itself.

Condé Nast Traveler found the wildest and most wonderful Airbnbs in every state, including tiki huts, tiny houses, yachts, and treehouses. The coolest Airbnb you can rent in Washington state is...

The Alki Beach House in Seattle!

This is what writers said about the unique rental:

"The immaculate interior of this sleek two-bedroom rental stands in stark contrast to the blue-hued mountains and bay that surround it. About 300 feet from Alki Beach, the house is minimalist and modern but doesn’t skimp on amenities. Selling points include a chef-grade kitchen with quartz countertops and Italian cabinetry, a magnificent soaking tub/spa shower, and handy binoculars for observing orcas, seals, and eagles."

They also recommend checking out a local bakery called Bakery Nouveau.

Click here for more information on the beach house. Check out Condé Nast Traveler's full list here.

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